Bookkeeping Course

Starts July 11, 2015 | Classroom : 8am-5pm

Companies are always thinking of how they will manage their finances. No companies and business owners will say that they don’t need bookkeeping services. There is always a need for bookkeepers in the world of business.

Bookkeepers are all-purpose accountants. They are responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll taxes, auditing and just about any other financial function an employer needs. And because bookkeepers can work independently, they can also work with the accounting team.

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Bookkeeping with Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are the source of creativity in dynamic knowledge driven economies. Today, entrepreneurs are needed at every level of any kind of organization to create opportunities, deploy solutions, and collaborate with others to make vision reality.


Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy Entrepreneurship with Bookkeeping Course is perfect to those individual aspiring to become entrepreneurs and planning to set-up his or her own business. In this course you’ll learn and develop a combination of accounting, entrepreneurial and other business skills, which will increase your career opportunities and help you the entrepreneurial process.


You will learn also specific accounting techniques and policies relating to corporate finance, tax, auditing, corporate governance and statistics.


Bookkeeping with Payroll Specialist

Highly skilled accountants are in demand by all types of businesses and organizations. Accurate bookkeeping and payroll services are important to the successful operation of a company.

Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy Bookkeeping with Payroll Course program will give you a competitive advantage in this growing field. This program prepares you to enter the accounting field in just seven months. You will start with the principles of accounting and popular accounting software and then specialized training in payroll administration and bookkeeping practices.

The curriculum focuses on teaching students the business accounting cycle along with other accounting and payroll fundamentals. Students also receive a well-rounded education in specific accounting topics such as payroll compliance legislation.


Jobs that awaits after taking this 8 months course:

Accounting Clerk Accounts Payable Clerk Accounts Receivable Clerk
Audit Clerk Tax Return Preparer Benefits Officer
Pay and Benefits Clerk Bank Clerk Pay Clerk
Payroll Officer Bank Teller Payroll Administrator
Income Tax Clerk General Accounting Accounting Clerk
Office Manager Finance Clerk Office Administrator
Payroll Administrator Payroll Clerk Administrative Assistant
Bookkeeper Inventory Clerk Treasurer

Why EAA?

  • We pioneered and perfected the short courses in finance and accounting

  • Teachers are CPA’s and practitioners

  • Practical and actual learning session

  • FREE NC3 TESDA review in preparation for becoming certified bookkeeper

  • Prime location and accessible

About Us

The Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy is an accounting school and business training center for people who would like to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. We stand to deliver to our clients the technical knowledge that they need in starting, managing and sustaining their businesses. Each course is designed to equip each student with the technical knowledge he/she needs to carry out his/her responsibilities in any organization. All our training programs are also directed towards this thrust. The Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy caters not only to individuals but also to companies who would like to have their staff trained for specific programs. The Academy can customize training programsfor any business organization that wishes to avail of this service.

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